• Whitby Morrison is recognised as the world’s leading manufacturer of ice cream vehicles
  • The company was founded by Bryan Whitby in 1962
  • From a purpose built factory off Weston Road in Crewe, Whitby Morrison produce bespoke ice cream vans and associated vehicles for the global market.
  • Today’s business is driven forward under the stewardship of Managing Director Stuart Whitby with the support his two sons Edward (Operations Manager) and Kristopher (Production Manager)
  • The management team are supported by a highly skilled workforce, ensuring that Whitby Morrison produce, and offer, the finest products and support available within the ice cream mobiling industry
  • In 2021, after nearly 3 years in development, they launched ePower - a green energy solution for all mobile catering and vending concepts. This Lithium-ion system backed by solar panels eliminates the need for an auxiliary power source. It reduces operational costs and is better for the environment.