We deliver a skills-focused curriculum

Our curriculum has been designed with industry partners to ensure students leave us industry-ready. We provide students with the opportunity to work on and solve real world engineering problems using our industry standard and state of the art equipment. Our engineering workshop and machinery are the envy of most schools, and even some universities, meaning that from Year 10, our students are exposed to a real-world engineering working environment, and have the opportunity to use industry-standard hardware such as:

CNC milling machines (Computer Numerical Control)
Laser Cutters
3D Printers
Welding bay
Machining lathes
Vacuum Formers
Virtual Reality Headsets
Systems & Control facilities
CAD facilities (Computer Aided Design)


Year 10 and Year 11 students follow our specialised curriculum, which is split into three focus areas as shown below. Students also have weekly PE and PSHE sessions: