26 July 2023

Photo credit: @jonathanfarber

Photo credit: @jonathanfarber

Our Employer Partner, Whitby Morrison, has installed one of their iconic ice cream vans in our lobby, much to the delight of students and staff. The van was installed last month but a group of students had the opportunity of giving it the 'once-over' during a visit to the Whitby Morrison factory in advance of its arrival!


As the world’s leading manufacturer of ice cream vehicles, they have been building bespoke vans at their Crewe factory since 1962, and became one of our key Employer Partners in 2022. We already have a number of different projects taking place between their workforce and our engineering and design students, both here at the college and at their purpose-built factory off Weston Road.

Whitby Morrison Operations Director, Ed Whitby, says

“Whitby Morrison is delighted to partner with UTC, there’s so much common ground that it’d be nonsensical for two local icons to not be working together. Crewe UTC has access to the very best students, and these are the people who can revolutionise our ice cream vans and take them to another level.  In turn, Whitby Morrison has a world-renowned product and respected brand that provides students with the opportunity for hands on involvement (and influence) in multiple disciplines and skillsets.  The best way to learn is by doing, and Whitby Morrison with UTC working together will provide the perfect opportunity for that.”

Learn more: www.utccrewe.co.uk/industry-partners/meet-our-industry-partners/whitby-morrison

Learn more: www.utccrewe.co.uk/industry-partners/employer-projects


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