Chevron like to define energy in human terms. 

Our company has a long, robust history that began when a group of explorers and merchants

The started as the Pacific Coast Oil Company on September 10, 1879 in America. Since then, Chevron's company name has changed more than once, but they have retained their founders’ spirit, grit, innovation and perseverance.

Access to energy helps improve lives by driving human progress and enabling the benefits of modern society. That’s why they constantly work to provide reliable, affordable and ever-cleaner energy for the millions around the world.

They believe their greatest resource is people. Their ingenuity, creativity and collaboration have met the complex challenges of energy. And they strive to deliver results responsibly.

Their services include:

  • Exploration & production
  • Refining
  • Transportation
  • Supply & trading
  • Products & services
  • Chevron lubricants
  • Chemicals & additives